About Us

Hi Friends and neighbors! We are Patti and Lydell from North Richland Hills, TX. We developed "Bomb Keto Treats" out of our passion for creating delicious snacks that would support our desire for great sweet and savory goodies that fit within our chosen low-carb lifestyle.  

When buying ready-made goods available locally we found they were often too dense, crumbly, or oddly textured. Sometimes they were either too sweet or not sweet enough. Over the past few years, Patti used her research skills to learn the characteristics of alternative sweeteners and wheat flour replacements. Using the knowledge she gained, she refined each recipe through several versions until she achieved her goal of achieving something similar in taste to original carb-based goods and also had the desired texture for each treat.  

We hope you will enjoy our efforts to bring some "Bomb"  treats to you that fall within low-carb needs and often in the Keto lifestyle macros which you will find listed under our goods. We also hope you will note that our snacks are diabetic friendly and due to using little to no wheat flour-based ingredients are also gluten-free. 

Patti admits, "I will note that the only flour that we use in a few of our goods like the pecan sandies, is Einkorn, an ancient grain which does not have certain chromosomes that are connected to wheat intolerance making it easier to digest. Additionally, it contains more protein and anti-oxidants than modern kinds of wheat. " 

***Please note: We cannot accommodate nut allergies due to our use of nuts and nut flours in many of our goods.